PainCare is a streamlined office-based community practice serving our neighbors in South Orange County. With nearly thirty years of continuous operation, our reach has extended far beyond our current location.

office visits

All new patients require an in-person evaluation, so do all patients who require prescriptions. While most of our patients are referred through other doctors and their own friends and families, we do welcome patients who seek us directly. We, however, do not welcome patients who come to us with the sole intent of receiving prescriptions for controlled medications.

Pain management can be complicated. Different conditions require different treatments. There are many options other than just medications – whether narcotics or non-narcotics. Again, it is a partnership. In order for treatments to be successful, doctors and patients must participate together in the evaluation and treatment process.

treatment procedures

Interventional pain treatments (procedures for pain) was developed in the early 2000s. Our doctors are trained and experienced interventional pain specialists. Treatments can be as simple as an office trigger point injection or as advanced as pain blocks and implanted devices. Your doctor will thoroughly discuss these treatments with you- if they’re suitable for you – at the time of your visit.

  • Trigger point, joint, tendon injections
  • Neurodiagnostic evaluations
  • Interventional pain blocks such as facet blocks, epidurals, nerve root blocks
  • Implantable devices including pumps and stimulators

service and education

Our doctors are educators experienced in speaking to community groups. If your group has any need for educational information, please contact us for details.

Our practice occasionally works with highly motivated young people who are interested in health related fields, including those interested in a career in medicine. Availability is very limited and is based on suitability of the individual – and, of course, our schedules. We are gratified to have seen some of those whom we have worked with gone on to attend some of the finest colleges and medical schools in the country.