those who represent us..

Pain management isn’t just about suppressing pain. It is about patients, doctors, nurses and staff all working together as a team, in partnership with each other, to help our patients get their lives back again.

Dr. Khang Lai

Dr. Lai has built his entire career around pain management. He is a graduate of UC-Irvine and Western University of Health Sciences. He is educated not only in the biomedical sciences of medicine but also in osteopathy, with emphasis on the nerves, muscles and bones under the philosophy of treating the whole person to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness, disease and injury.

Dr. Lai received his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency training from UCLA, and Pain Management Fellowship training at integrated Pain Management in Concord, California.

Dr. Lai had many offers of opportunity to practice elsewhere, but in the end, he chose to return to Orange County and join PainCare’s truly integrated practice. He brings with him sophisticated diagnostic and interventional skills including ability to perform electrodiagnostic studies.

Dr. Lai plays tennis and volleyball. He also enjoys conversation, specially over a nice cup of coffee.

Dr. Larry Ho

Dr. Ho received his Chemical Engineering degree from Washington University in St. Louis prior to entering medical school at University of Missouri. He received Anesthesiology training at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City; Neuroaneshtesia training at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School; and Pain Management training at University of Washington.

Dr. Ho was a faculty member of UCI School of Medicine. Dr. Ho had performed numerous researches in neuroscience and biomedical engineering.

Dr. Ho came to the US from Taiwan in his early teens. He worked in his parents’ restaurant everyday after school until leaving for college. He values his experience growing up handling challenges and interacting with people from varied perspectives. This experience he believes paved the way well for him to work with patients and staff in our medical practice.

He enjoys gardening and hacking handyman, craftsman, engineering designs from his shop at home. Having grown up in Kansas City, he is a follower of the Chiefs. He is very thankful that after so many forgettable years, the team is now doing well.

sandy mathis, rn

Sandy received her BSN from Los Angeles Valley College. Sandy runs our surgery center. She is our Clinical Director in charge of nurses, accreditation, compliance, quality improvement, infection control, and surgery center policies and procedures. But above all, what makes Sandy special is that she is an excellent clinical nurse. She is pleasant, steadfast and unflappable. She always provides quality care and does her work well even on our busiest days.

An avid tennis player transitioning to pickle-ball, Sandy stays active and sharp both at work and at leisure.

sherri chung, manager

Every medical practice needs someone like Sherri. Dr. Ho and Dr. Lai have commented that if Sherri ever quits, they may not be able to continue to practice. She is as capable as they come.

Today’s healthcare environment is not easy. Pain management, especially, has added social implications and risks. Too often well meaning doctors and patients in need are caught between a rock and a hard place – their interactions complicated by society ills. Sherri oversees and in many cases personally handles scheduling, insurance authorizations, billings, staffing, prescribing issues.. among other things.

Sherri is a graduate of UC Irvine with a major in biology. She tutored Dr. Ho’s children and worked part time at PainCare while still in college. She joined PainCare full time after graduation. She was never just a staff member. She always takes ownership of everything she does, and more. Now, happily married and mother of two beautiful children, she still doesn’t miss a beat, balancing family life with work in utter perfection.