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Steps for More, and Better, Sleep

By JANE E. BRODY I regret that for most of my adult life, I treated sleep as more a luxury than a necessity. There was always something more to do before I crawled under the covers and turned out the light. I realize belatedly that I might have been more productive — and a lot nicer to live with — …

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Post-Traumatic Stress’s Surprisingly Positive Flip Side

  By JIM RENDON Published: March 22, 2012 Sgt. Jeffrey Beltran pulled a heavily creased Post-it note from the pocket of his fatigues, unfolded it and looked over a list he jotted down earlier that day: pick up an order of beef lo mein, take his dress uniform to work (jacket, pants and boots), do schoolwork. Beltran’s Army-issue organizer is …

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Watch Your Back In The Credit Crunch

Rising stress levels needn’t bring pain, says Marianne Oct 2008 If the recession is making you work longer hours hunched over your keyboard, stress levels rocketing, take care. Your body may start complaining. ”We’ve noticed a 25 per cent increase in neck and shoulder pain since the onset of the credit crunch,’’ says registered osteopath Thomas Sheehan, senior tutor …

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