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A Soldier’s War on Pain

By BARRY MEIER MAY 10, 2014 Four years and a lifetime ago, a new war began for Sgt. Shane Savage. On Sept. 3, 2010, the armored truck he was commanding near Kandahar, Afghanistan, was blown apart by a roadside bomb. His head hit the ceiling so hard that his helmet cracked. His left foot was pinned against the dashboard, crushing 24 …

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Medication Overuse Can Make Chronic Headaches Worse

December 6, 2008By Linda DumsFor The Post-Crescent When a headache hits, it’s easy to reach into the medicine cabinet for a pill. But if the occurrences are frequent, sufferers may be experiencing headaches from medication overuse and should see a doctor. “In the long run it’s the right thing to do because suffering headaches you really can’t work at your …

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